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Special Holiday Storytime and Tales & Tunes

Registration for the three week Holiday Storytime and Tales & Tunes For Tots 2008 is open to Southington residents only and will begin on Thursday November 6, 2008 at 9AM.  We will be accepting registrations online or in person. 

To register your child, please click on “children’s programming calendar” in the green blogroll box on the right.  Please click on “November” on the right hand side of your calendar screen to find the first day of class.  Remember to register your child for the age appropriate class.  This is determined by using the child’s age on the date of registration.  The Children’s Department is not responsible for any mistakes made by parents or guardians in online registration and reserves the right to remove children who are inappropriately registered.

At 9:00AM on the date of registration, a hand holding a pen will appear to the far right (if the hand does not appear, please refresh your screen).  Click on the hand, making sure not to click the letter “D,” and enter your child’s name. Your name should not appear anywhere in the registration. Fill in your telephone number and click “save.”  You should then receive a confirmation message. 

IMPORTANT:  In order to complete your registration you must come to the library and sign the Attendance Contract before the first class.  In order to provide the opportunity for as many children as possible to attend Storytime or Tales & Tunes For Tots, we must remove the name of any child whose contract is not signed before the first day of class and give his/her place to the first child on the wait list.


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