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We Honor SAM (without any Green Eggs and Ham)



We recently celebrated November’s SAM books and their authors.  SAM is short for the Strong Author of the Month program.  This awesome program run by parent volunteers allows students at the William Strong Elementary School to publish books and display them on an Elephant shaped bookcase named (not Horton) Peanut.   Throughout the school year, teachers choose books to be displayed and then circulated here at the Southington Library.  It is our honor to showcase the wonderful books that these talented authors create.  You can see the current month’s choices displayed on a pedestal by everyone’s pal, Mr. Bear.  At the end of the school year, a party is held at the school for all of the children who wrote a book.  The experience the children gain writing and editing their books allows them to grow and learn.   SAM is an educational program where everyone wins.

If you know of a terrific program at your child’s school that you’d like to bring to a wider audience, feel free to post a comment, call or send me an email.


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